1 Tip to Survive iRacing Rookies (…and 12 others)

1 Tip to Survive iRacing Rookies (…and 12 others)

Pretty much all of these can be applied to public server racing in some form.

It’s an idiot test, not a skill test. All entry level rookie is testing for is to make sure you aren’t brain dead. That’s ALL that is required. These videos are a waste of time, because if you need this video, YOU DON’T GET IT.

Harsh, I know. But it’s truth.

But here are other tips :

1. Practice, if you can’t make it around the track consistently nothing you do will help you.
2. Mute the chat and STFU. Rookies are exceptionally toxic.
3. Everyone is a newly minted teenage driver with a texting addiction.
4. Use the relative timing F3 black box.
5. Start a list, remember who the morons are and who the quality racers are.
6. It’s okay to be passed.
7. You aren’t Dale Earnhardt, YOU just look like a jackass wrecking people.
8. Yellows don’t mean throw out the anchor.
9. Know your surroundings, keep your situational awareness up.
10. Don’t be afraid to race providing the other guy has proven competent and you can handle it.
11. Brake lights can be incredibly useful to help prevent you from getting run over if used properly.
12. When all else fails, start from pits.

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