AOWR History : 1996. (Pt. 4)

AOWR History : 1996. (Pt. 4)

Without the 500 to lean on, CART needed to learn to spread it’s wings. It’s first flaps… well, that bird fell out of the nest.

Gameplay : IndyCar Racing 2. Played on one of those browser emulators because “lazy”, with a keyboard because “lazy”. (that is the reason for the stutter in there)

I have fired it up in DOSBox properly and even used my sim gear, but it’s weird to drive today. LOL

The important bit : it’s 1995 CART. Interestingly, the game was re-released in 1996 as CART Racing, because of the loss of the IndyCar name.

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  • This is a great series, especially since I never followed US formula racing at all.

    Pretty shocking to see how the marshalls and light posts were in front of the catch fencing at Toronto. What the fuck was their reasoning for that?

  • That is Texas Motor Speedway, right?

    Thanks for your review of the first Split season. I think it would have been worth mentioning that non-US drivers were competitive in the all-oval IRL's first year. Also, you have not mentioned that the final IRL races of 96 counted towards their 1996/97 season., which was a way to end that series weird experiment to give more spotlight to the 1996 Indy 500. If you count all IRL races run in 1996 together, driver Scott Sharp would not have had to share his title. And he won for a former CART team, AJ Foyt Racing, which would have also been worth mentioning along with the Luyendyks and Menards. Myself, I have only learned about that much later, having not followed the IRL at all.

  • oooh can you play CART World Series next??

  • as someone who is relatively new to the open wheel side of racing I am loving this video series thank you!!!!

  • it was never about Americans, it was always about control of the speedway. if it was about "real" Americans and sprint cars, George would have created the world's most advanced supermods.

  • Matt, this brought back so many memories – even if they're not great, this is still a fantastic piece of journalism.

    I was a kid obsessed with open-wheel racing and the split broke my heart. A yearly trip to Indy was the one thing my dad and I had in common and after the split, we just stopped going. Even at 16, I knew the absurdity of Buddy Lazier holding the Borg-Warner trophy signaled the end of something. The childlike concept of keeping the outside world at bay via interests and hobbies was gone.

    After 1996 I gradually got into team sports, shelved my PC for a console and the Papyrus IndyCar games for "Madden." Not sure if I ever loved something as keenly as I did open-wheel racing before the split.

    Maybe if Vassar hadn't wrecked half the damn field…

  • not gonna lie this is probably my favourite series on youtube right now, being from the UK i know – of the split, but i dont know why it happened per say, this series you started is really fascinating to me

  • I really love the motorsport history videos!

  • Pre-1994 or so I used to casually watch Indycar racing every once in a while; just barely enough to know what was going on. Then there were several years of school, work, girlfriends, and having to pretend to be an adult, so I stopped watching any TV at all for a long time. Therefore I missed a whole lot of the drama, and have only a vague notion that everything went wrong for way too long, and the series is only now starting to bootstrap back up to a viable motorsport.
    So this AOWR history series is immensely useful and educational. Can't thank you enough!

  • Do iRacing Street Stock, or I swear to God, I will get a bunch of fans to riot at your house.

  • loved this series so far. as someone from the UK, it was always about F1 for me, but as a kid I used to always record anything I could find on tape. Any time I was able to watch CART in the late 90s, I was very excited, and I became very well informed over the split in later years. This series has brought some great insight to me, and it's something that really strikes up a lot of emotion with us racing nerds. Thank you for recording such a cohesive and insightful series on this topic!

    I'm still upset to this day that we don't get to see a successor to the DP-01s of 2007

  • I loved this game!!

  • ICR2… what a great game. If someone could throw a super-dooper graphics patch on it, I don't think it'd be too far off the level of some "sims" that are on the market today. It was so far ahead of its time.

  • Outside the Lines did a story on the Indy 500 and US 500 back in 1996. It was pretty cool because they had interviews with people from both sides of the war. It's called "500 Miles Apart" and it's still floating around on YouTube if anyone wants to check it out.

  • Should we talk about the Bill Tempero Knock-off indy series soon?

  • Turn 1 in Monza, that turn has officially become a meme.

    Don't look with your eyes, they deceive you, the box is not empty, it is full of meme-magic! 😉

  • I wonder how things went, had CART listened to Valvoline, who suggest that CART should the US 500 on the first weekend of May instead of Memorial Day weekend. Or if Mario Andretti made true on his promise and actually did a comeback on the US 500. Pocono Raceway would have also been a better choice for the US 500, but I guess CART and the track weren't on friendly terms back in 1996.

  • "I'm Paul Page. From Papyrus, THIS is Indycar Racing 2." edit: or not

  • Индианаполис напомнила.

  • Ironically, those of us actually from Indianapolis could only watch the Michigan race on TV. For those who don't know, that race is always blacked out in central Indiana.

  • THIS is my first sim. While i played Indianapolis 500 on Amiga, this was my first racing sim on PC. And I bought NASCAR II because of it, cause I fell in love with oval racing. Indy Car Racing II introduced me to American motorsports and some of my all time favorite racers. Greg Moore stands out to me to this day. Paul Tracy might be one of the coolest dudes to ever climb into an Indy… there are so many PERSONALITIES in North american racing, while Euro drivers are often muted and toned down by their agents and/or series. So… yeah… seeing that footage makes me feel REALLY nostalgic. Thanks Matt! 🙂

  • Ever thought of doing a racing podcast?

  • Would love to see you do a 25-50% race in ICR2 with a wheel, Mr. Bawx. (Rendition version!)

  • Shoutout to that January IRL race at Disney woot woot

  • What a crazy and sadly tragic year 1996 was for American open wheel racing ……

  • Yay! It's story time!

  • this is good stuff right here. There was a time after this I thought the IRL was pretty good an all oval open wheel series, but that flopped fast too, those big cars with the honking 4.0 V8's it was pretty cool, I like the number boxes they used too, some ideas were alright but Tony George by and large didn't wreck it but he had a spiteful vision, and it showed

  • No mention of the "25/8 rule"? That was a massive deal at the time and a lot of people still point to it today.

  • Great vid, and highly educative. Keep these coming ! It's nice to refresh what I know, and learn 2 or 3 new things on the process.

  • I fall on the IRL side, but why was Jeff Krosnoff "unacceptable" but Scott Brayton wasn't mentioned that way? Brayton was going to be THE IRL star.

  • Ah settled down with a beer on the porch to story time with Mr Box. Love the series, followed racing religiously then joined the military and just got snippets from home, it is nice to be able to put the pieces together. Can't wait for the next installment and a fresh brew.

  • JPM is testing at Indy on the 25th with from what I hear a new car

  • About…

    What took you so long, man?! These were some of the best videos on this! Missed it so… :'(

  • The crash at the US 500 just represented american open wheel racing that year…

  • Fuck yeah! I was waiting for this to come back.

  • Empty box's AOWR history is like story time for grown ass men!

  • Great series, good job. Since this was my first year following racing as a kid I had no clue what was going on. Being on the other side of the pond I pobably didn't see any of the IRL races or the 500 those years. All I knew was some guy in a red car with yellow thunderbolts down the side driving like a maniac and doing crazy donuts after a win. Been hooked ever since.

  • Where the sound of cars went to.

  • I love these.

    Is 1996 the reason why Buddy Lazier is always in the 500?

  • Thanks, Tony.

  • i guess for 97 to 99 we will see cart presicion racing in the background

  • great work empty box! It is interesting that Jimmy Vasser won as an American in CART that year, I didn't even know that! one thing I've been thinking about is how Ed Carpenter got the hookup from his step dad, Tony George, to do racing in sprint cars and eventually IRL/indycar. the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if TG did it all to give his stepson an optimal series to do well in.

  • ICR2: Nostalgia level over 9000!

  • I love this series, I hope you go to the present day.