AOWR History : The Split (Pt. 3)

AOWR History : The Split (Pt. 3)

CART didn’t listen to the Speedway. The Speedway – driven by one man who may or may not have known he was doing – took it’s ball and went home.

Next up : The downfall of American open wheel racing..

Also highly suggested viewing if you find this fascinating – ESPN period documentary surrounding May 1996, where this all ends.

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  • I think you're being way too generous to Tony George. That moron achieved nothing. Costs are still high, the series is still top heavy, and international drivers still dominate. All he did was destroy the fan base. Indy right now is sitting on a gold mine but the poor officiating and governance by the speedway is holding them back. Tony George should be run out on a rail.

  • lovin the series!!

  • Loving this series. I've never really known much about the racing on that side of the pond, so this is all really new and interesting to me.

  • Yeah it seems that the reintroduction of CART to IndyCar is killing the sport today. CART used to get 25,000 on average per race versus the 50 -100,000 that used to go to the IndyCar oval racing. The real problem is American resentment of foreign drivers into their sport. I guess that all stems from holdover beliefs in American isolationism from last century hahaha.

  • Which sim/mod is this?

  • The Dallara and G-forces were sooooo much better than the reynard, lolas and penskes…… -said literally no one ever

  • Good video matt! i have been looking for an in-depth video series about the split for a while now, and this is perfect! i actually did my freshman high school paper over the split! lol

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  • Growing up in Europe as a small child, these two very similar racing leagues confused the HECK OUT OF ME. My limited knowledge of America thought that these two series were just re-named for commercial purposes, but were the same thing. So thanks for this series; I'm undoing 20+ years of ignorance.

  • Fuck Tony George?

    Fuck Tony George!

  • Tony George had his reasons, but the official reasons I think is not enough to explain the split. Some paycheck from FIA and the US Grand Prix are more reasons to believe on split. Specialy if you consider the crisis on F1, Williams dominant, Mansell and Prost retirement of competition, Senna's death. Look to FIA on 1994, a season with no driver with champioships, a bunch of teams with no chance to win, a Ferrari in a worst situation historically and the fear of CART going stronger internationally. These are old worries, from 1990 or 1991 when Balestre, a man who wants more power than anything, wants to rule the entire world of automobilism. Tony George was just the way FIA found to brake the CART and the Indycar.

  • CART > all

  • TG attempt to make the INDY 500 a clone of NASCAR destroyed open wheel racing. If you wanted more American drivers then why didn't he do more to promote the development of drivers capable of running a high speed open wheel car instead of worrying about short track drivers. Instead of competing with the foreign drivers TG was scared of them and make rules that stifle competition. TG is the worst thing to happen to American Racing ever. The Indy 500 was built on open competition and innovation, not NASCAR style rules that promote everyone gets a chance to win the trophy. I hope that F1 fixes it's schedule so that more drivers like Fernado come to the 500 and compete. Open the rules up and invite all car Mfg to compete at the 500, if their not too scared.


  • Family ran racing (IndyCar with the Georges and NASCAR with the Frances) is bad for racing clearly.

  • I like how this is 13:37
    I like how you ended this 🙂
    I like this video!

    Also, yeah, i'm doing rather well thanks for asking. Thanks for being here!

  • this stuff is awesome thank you I've only been a Indycar fan for a few years I had some ideas on what happened but this is great info!

  • I like Ed but hate Tony, and refuse to think of the '96 as an actual Indy 500, its the IRL 500. Finally we have Jay Frye on our side and Indy is basically becoming CART/Champcar again.

  • In my humble opinion Tony George should be hanged for his crimes against motorsports.

  • no more tokyo xtreme series i guess

  • I absoulutely love these videos!

  • If only Abc (or whoever, im not old enough to remember) didnt cover the 500, and stuck with cart. Then things would be different.

  • I've talked to some people familiar with the 96 Indy 500. Make no mistake, IMS definitely repaved for speeds. More than that though, the levels of boost was turned to a level never seen before by the IRL, just for the sake of claiming the record.

  • I remember being so pissed when George announced that 25 grid spots would be exclusively for IRL drivers. That pretty much put me off IRL from then on. I did watch a few races but they were not even close to as entertaining as the CART races, imo.

  • Is this the MOD for game stock car extreme?? I have the MOD but struggling with configuring the controls properly. I have a Thrustmaster Rs500 – any tips??!!

  • I'm loving this series. I'm 20, so I was born during the middle of all of this, and I've never known much about it, so I appreciate you explaining everything that happened.

  • man, seeing Dat players forsythe car brings me so much memories of all those Canadians who made us proud! villeneuve, moore (RIP, future world champ for sure!), carpentier, tagliani and that knucklehead tracy! what happened to forsythe? why aren't they in indycar nowadays?

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  • Oh boy! a new race at Michigan with the best drivers and teams! And they're starting three wide! I can't wait to see how lap one goes! 😀


  • Can't thank you enough for these videos. I'm by no means an expert in US single-seater history but was a huge fan of the CART series and always interested in the story behind the split. Trully, this is like a gift to me!

  • Can't wait to hear your take on this year's 500, your predictions were good but damn did it play out differently.

  • What luck, your engine blew right as you crossed the line.

  • So it turns into a game of one upping each other. I wanna see the race from Michigan now. What would they average 230+?

  • Can you talk about the 2018 aero kit? There are updated renderings of the car in red.

  • Yey! More David Attenbox!

  • Fantastic video man! I can't wait for the other parts!

  • Off topic, but it the gameplay RFactor 1?

  • Finally getting to the good stuff.

  • Loving these informative vids mate. Keep it up!

    plus not even 1 minute in and I see cars sliding like dirt track racing

  • IRL/IndyCar – CART/ChampCar war was fucking dumb , both are at fault