ASUS reveals special edition for Nvidia GTX 980

In celebration of its 20th anniversary,  Asus announced the launch of the special edition of the GeForce GTX 980. The new version has a speed of 1317MHz (1431MHz in boost), which exceeds the reference specifications from Nvidia (1126MHz), and 4GB of GDDR5 memory at 7010MHz on a interface of 256-bit.

The limited edition, which comes to the market in gold, has three DisplayPort 1.2 doors, dual-link DVI and HDMI output. The board features high quality components and a more effective cooling system and three times quieter than any other. Asus also added a mechanism that allows the card to change color depending on their performance.
There is still no release date for the special edition of the GeForce GTX 960. If you are a fan of the Asus products, you can see a timeline with all the innovations of the company over the 20 years and shorten the waiting time until the graphics card to the market.