IndyCar 2017 Talk : 2018 Oval Aero Reveal, Next 18 Months (No Video)

IndyCar 2017 Talk : 2018 Oval Aero Reveal, Next 18 Months (No Video)

Actual 2018 oval aero before testing-

Another rendering released before the real reveal-

I like how the second one mentions the design as a “nod to the past”, then shows no IRL cars at all. It took 21 years boiz, BUT WE WON THE SPLIT! 😉

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  • Hey emptybox! I wanted to talk to you about three things.

    1: there's a guy who goes by themann that did an alternate time line for AOWR where the split never happened. In it, tony George changed his mind on splitting from CART after Menard an aj foyt convinced him to become a team owner and beat the other owners at their own game. It goes from 93 to 03, with lots of fun stuff happening, but some things in the storyline are a bit "ehh" for me, like mario winning indy in 96, senna surviving his fatal crash and joining Penske in 96, the schedule having a f—ton of races by 2000, (30! That's way too much for open-wheel!) And at one point, a race in Portland had 40 cars! Way unrealistic! Me, I adjusted my time line to include Moar ovals in the schedule because, like you said, what makes it unique is the track variety, so I included the 5 500s idea of themann's time line, where the winner of one of the 500 mile races receives a million, and if he wins all of them, he gets 10 million. The 5 500s in question are indy, Michigan, fontana, and I don't know what's the last two, cause I'm replacing texas and Las vegas cause its not made for indycars! Also, i changed senna ' s arrival at penske so that he refused to race at Imola after ratzenberger ' crash, which leads to a big argument against Bernie that leads him to campaign for better safety and even pulling an alonso and snub monaco for indy, which is the first step towards his arrival in 96. Also, George, Menard and their allies are fieling teams of American drivers, the most successful being Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart. The succès of the two would inspire future generations of American drivers.

    2. I agree with the tracks you mentioned in another comment down this thread. Here's my idea on how indycar should expand:

    -bring back laguna seca, fontana, michigan homestead( so we can do the 5 500s thing in real life!) And Portland along with new tracks like COTA, Virginia and rebuild riverside.

    As for international expansion, they should start small first, with 1 or 2 more races on Canada, with montreal and Mont tremblant being my choices. Then, go to Mexico City. After they solidified their stronghold over north america, they should start expanding with Brazil, Australia and japan, as I feel that's where the demand is greatest. Then afterwards, they can go to kyalami or Europe or something.

    3: I like the new cars, it looks better. But, after seeing all the superior rejected designs from Lola, swift, and Panoz, not only do I feel that the car is meh, but I wished that they would bring back multiple chassis builders!

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share all of my thoughts to a fellow racing fan like you! You're the best!

    I think I want to write my AOWR time line. I just don't know if anyone would be interested…

  • You know you wanna make one of these on the current WEC/LMP1 situation.

  • thanks for ranting and raving.

  • Indycar is making all the right steps! Now the next step, I think is to go back to the classic Tracks that they should never have left ( laguna seca, Portland, fontana, Michigan, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc.), With some new ones (COTA, montreal, mont-tremblant, Virginia, just to name a few), make the engines roar like the US F1000, which is the closest to an old CART car. After that, maybe multiple constructors and go race in japan, Australia, Brazil, kyalami, Mexico, etc.

    I'm excited for the future of indycar! We're slowly but surely getting back to awesomeness!

  • I would also like to add a sub topic. International races. Surfer's, Japan, Rio. these track had great events, good racing, not great at times, but good. If they want to bring it back to the 90's like part of the 2018 car reveal stated. Why not get back on the global scene. Perhaps then the multi manufacturers that they are looking for will come up due to new sponsors and money coming in to back the teams, and maybe additional new teams. Getting us back to the 28ish car fields that were attained back then to have descent races. Because lets be realistic. Like back when Champ Car was dying out, 15 car fields at a place like Fontana, or Michigan, would never be anything more then a yawn fest due to not enough cars on the track to keep the crowd entertained.

  • You should add "I've ranted, I've raved" to your outro every time.

  • I enjoyed! 🙂

  • Diggin it!

  • i dont really follow indycar that closely, im more an F1 guy, heck im from europe. is this new indycar in response to increased exposure of indycar to europe after alonso? loads of f1 guys watched the indy 500 to see alonso, so im wondering if this was partly to keep a bit of hype up for us guys across the pond

  • why dont they just stream the race on youtube? they would have a FAR bigger audience, people are turning away from cable, adverts can still be applied on youtube, seems like a win win to me

  • Based on the moves (and lack of moves) ABC has been making the last few years it looks like they aren't interested in ANY motorsports properties going forward. Hopefully that's the case and IndyCar follows NHRA and NASCAR out of the House of Mouse.

  • Palmer in IndyCar by 2018 seems legit

  • Mr. EmptyBox, I hate to burst your giddy bubble, but do you REALLY feel like we won the split ? Well, let's see what the Mindy League's main raisons d'etre were upon it's inception back in 1995:

    mostly ovals – the schedule now is a mix of mostly road courses and some ovals, like it was in CARTCCWS (CHECK)

    mostly 'Merican drivers – drivers now are a mix of U.S. and foreign drivers, like it was in CARTCCWS (CHECK)

    NA engines – now they use turbos, like it was in CARTCCWS (CHECK)

    craploads of downforce, easy drivabilty – slowly becoming hard to drive beasts with no power steering and low DF, like it was in CARTCCWS (CHECK)

    no need for 'It's a NEW TRACK RECORD' – well, 20+ year 'newer' technology is finally rendering new track records at some tracks (not at mindy yet, maybe in 10 more years), like it was in CARTCCWS (CHECK)

    snow removal looking sheisswagens – looks like their 'look at the past' marketing cliche is a very clear acknowledgement to the sleek looking machines from the CARTCCWS era and not the slow looking horrible sounding turdmobiles that they've put out throughout their history (CHECK as of 2018, apparently….)

    So as a CARTCCWS die hard fan, am I supposed to be happy now ? Is the boo boo all better now ? HELL NO, the hulman's and company can continue to f themselves and the horse they rode in on. My allegiances, viewing and most importantly, spending, switched to other series in 2008 and will NEVER come back. What a waste of 20+ years. Their destruction of Open Wheel racing in this country shall never be forgotten. What the Mindy leaguers have now continues to be a shadow of what Open Wheel racing used to be. This is understood only by those of us that were there to experience CARTCCWS at its pinnacle.




  • No Long Beach we have circuit of the americas

  • Imagine Ganassi next year with Dixon, Rossi, Hinchcliffe, and Sato/Wickens. Would be crazy.

  • IndyCar is my favorite series by far. Your talks about it are awesome

  • Now that Allen Bestwick is gone, who is going to keep Goodyear and Cheever from talking about their wins and broken backs?

  • The newly designed Indycar looks amazing

  • Thoughts on Mercedes leaving DTM?

  • "We can show Europeans that Ground Effects can be used better".

    Gilles would beg to differ, mate.

  • Matt: Are you on a iRacing team at all or is it even easy to join one i don't play iRacing hence the question lol .

  • Regarding the TV contracts Indycar should start their own on demand service like all the other major sports are already doing. I really don't get it why motorsports are still lagging behind on this and from all of the series WRC is the one that actually has got it right.

    Following Indycar as a non american is so frustratingly difficult that it's not worth the effort outside of the Indy 500. It's not on TV here in Finland at least that I know of and the fan base doesn't seem to be big enough that you can find good streams for every race. If you can actually find a stream to follow a race live the american networks blast the races with so much commercials that you lose track of what's actually happening in the race.

    With all that said props to Indycar for posting full races on their youtube channel.

  • 20202021

  • As a new fan this year, I've enjoyed the balance between race circuits, ovals and street races. I don't think I'd be keen on going to a 50:50 ratio, since the schedule so far has been varied enough to keep my interest. Phoenix was my first oval race impression, which was less than ideal! I think if at that point I saw that the calendar was full of oval races, I may not have become as engrossed in the series as I have now. Certainly for new or returning fans, I think the varied schedule is good. Don't like that road course? Here's an oval. Don't like that oval? Here's a street race. One of those racers is bound to stick. The new aero looks slick, too, very happy with the visuals and if it makes for better racing, even better!

  • Please no more Eddie Cheever!

  • What are your thoughts on Paul Tracy on the NBC side?

    Also, I'd prefer to have your content in one place. I don't listen to podcasts, but CART was my first love, and I've been enjoying your musings on open wheel racing.

  • I would love to hear this as a podcast. Bring in people from the community you like too to discuss topical events in racing and specifically open wheel racing.

  • If you'd like to make an actual podcast about this stuff (which is kinda how I consume your videos anyways, to be honest), check out TheSmokingTire's been hosted there for as long as I can remember.

  • Matt: indycar needs to have someone with some balls (for the tv broadcast situation)
    Me: looks at retired bernie ecclestone well he has time….. But lets not give him the position.

  • Podcast please!

  • With the rear of the new IndyCar, I'm questioning if its the 90's again.

  • I agree with everything you said except the 50/50 on road/ovals. 1/3 Road, 1/3 Street, 1/6 Short Ovals & 1/6 Speedways is the perfect schedule.
    If we want better quality drivers in the series and the team owners to be able to pay for crash damage, then ovals cannot make up 50% of the series. There's not enough money to pay talented drivers that are iffy about ovals and there's not enough money for owners to have a Texas-sized bill each year for speedway damage.

  • I would love this as a podcast!

  • Thank goodness someone else dislikes cheever, man he bugged me as a driver and worse as an announcer.

  • A question that I have is when will this car come to iRacing. And if/when this car will come to iRacing, will they update the current DW12 to the 2018 configuration,(like they did with the current Gen 6 cup cars). Or will it be a separate car all together.

  • I'm a bit surprised about that "rules are there just for rules" stuff. Aren't they there for driver safety? I thought we crossed the line decades ago, where it became possible to make a car so fast a driver would just pass out from the G-force.

    Race car development hasn't been about absolute performance in ages. If you want to see a race car with maximum power and maximum downforce, that car would have to be driverless.

  • 2018 Aero reveal… Or lack thereof