IndyCar 2017 Talk : Indy 500, Detroit, The Fail in Texas (No Video)

IndyCar 2017 Talk : Indy 500, Detroit, The Fail in Texas (No Video)

IndyCars don’t belong on 1.5 milers, a lesson that should have been learned in the mid 90s.

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  • I think you give Texas a couple years to get the asphalt to a more characterized state and have a better compound with Firestone, and you're going to have the great races like we saw in 2016. I was at both races in 2016 and 17 at Texas. The action was great at both. But like you're saying, the officiating was shotty at best. Also, I think even if you give them a "three foot runoff area", they're going to take advantage of it because they can and will, so the grass issue is a moot point, in my personal opinion. Sato was just dumb enough to try that and didn't know where the track ended. Finally, I think even IF they red flagged it, there was 5 laps to go. You start up and give the guys a chance to pit and you're down to maybe a lap or two. There was a TON of debris from the wall and cars. Then again, you don't have Sato make that bonehead move, and that would have finished under green with a fantastic finish.

    Appreciate the analysis and it gave me more clarity with the reason for the competition cautions since I didn't have my scanner with me this year. Just thought I'd give some input from someone that was there too!

  • Finish the damn races under yellow. No stupid gimmicks. Racing is racing, and consistency is consistency. Any sort of "red flag just to ensure a green" finish qualifies as manipulation to me. And the GWC is, of course, also stupid.

    Kanaan needed parked. He was chopping and blocking all night.

    Agreed on the "3 feet more below the racing surface" thing. Let's move the grass in.

    I feel like… back in the good ol' days of yesteryear… when tires would blister, it was on the driver to figure out how to manage the equipment. If the tires aren't outright exploding, and only some drivers are having trouble… that means this is a totally manageable problem. Make the drivers drive, and let the best guy at managing his equipment win the day.

    Fuck competition cautions, obviously.

  • dale coyne talking to Tony kanaan was interesting lol

  • i agree with you on alot of stuff but the indycar race at tezas was the best race indycar has had since 2003. you might disagree but its true

  • Controversy time: I liked Texas. It was a clusterfuck but the start was excellent and the battle between Dixon and Power was great. It would have been the best race of the year if Firestone would make better tires.

  • We lost Nazareth, Michigan, Fontana, New Hampshire – IndyCar/CART staples. Bring them back and use the Hanford Device at Michigan.

  • Pack racing is not an embarrassment but a testament to how gutsy these guys are and is one of the many reasons why this series is great.
    Society has changed by that some people won't watch because of the risks. I gain respect for these guys.

  • Rahal qualified horribly, I mean HORRIBLY, for the Indy GP. Watched him drive up from damn near last to finish 6th without a caution. The last 10 laps he was running consistently faster laps times than Power. I really think RLL have figured out the road course/street course setup. We'll see if that holds true for Road America!

  • Here is my opinion on the texas race. the firestone tires were terrible but the officials should not delagate when you have to pit. With the idea of adding 3 more feet of pavement, that part of the track is only 5 degrees of banking so the drivers would definitely go over that extra pavement and come just as close to the grass as they are now. i understand many people dont like pack racing because it is dangerous. But i loved it. there is always something going on. the drivers always had to be ready because there were cars around all the time. its not something indycar gets a lot of and i dont think its bad to have a race like that. Watching the battle between dixon and power was so much fun as they were side by side the whole way around the track. i wish dixon didnt crash cuz that wouldve been an awesome finish. and its stupid they dont do a green white checker. if theres one thing nascar does right, its the green white checker.

  • I hope Alonso turned off the race after he called in because that turned into an embarrassment.

  • Helio had suspension failure from the pitlane incident with Hinch. Not because his tire went down. I agree TK deserved to be parked after his driving. As long as BB is in racecontrol the rule book and officiating will be written in pencil.

  • Indycar needs a GWC, because fans are entitled to a least one attempt at a green flag finish

  • It wasn't a meanglingless penalty loss of track postion

  • I was at the Texas 2016 race both dates, original and rain date, they were able to run 3 and some times 4 wide no issues, I was just at this last TMS race, the track is still too new, no grip on the high side at all and chewing up the tires. I disagree on the excitement of the race, some of the best hard racing I've seen. The only bad thing was not knowing what the hell was going on with the comp yellow.

  • If you didn't have the grass so close …. what would Sato do that was boneheaded — I loves me some bonehead Sato weekly

  • I don't know what it is with top tier officiating but IndyCar and F1 (Kyvat debacle yesterday) seem like they can never figure out how to have clear, concise, and consistent rulings when something happens. Someone yesterday pointed out to me that in F2 that the steward rulings (for when a driver needs a penalty) are always consistent and come out within a minute or so of the incident, whereas it might take F1 half a race to assess a penalty or in Kyvat's case give him two penalties instead of 1 for the same issue. And now IndyCar seems to be plagued with the existential question NASCAR is always asking themselves, "to throw the caution or not for no reason?" I doubt with the Hulman's we'll ever get perfect, but at least Texas ended under caution like it should have.

  • I must humbly disagree about Indy. That was the best one in years that I've witnessed. I was whooping like a hyena when Sato held off Castroneves.

    And FINALLY, Graham Rahal asserts his dominance at Detroit.

    Also, them Texas crashes tho. Kanaan and his spotter got to work together better, and maybe it wouldn't have been half the field finishing. But them battles at 220mph! You can't deny that was intense. If Sato hadn't stuck his nose in, Dixon could've run high and snaked a win from Power.

    I understand the pack racing is dangerous, but to me it is ridiculous that we try to baby-proof everything. These drivers understand the danger they face with these cars and races. Sugar coating it will destroy the sport.

    They didn't decide to red flag at Texas because it was 11:00pm at night. The race had been going on for 4 hours. The drivers probably were beginning to get tired and worn down due to the amount of force I'm in driving Texas compared to Belle Isle.

    Also, to fix the Kanaan penalty debacle, just rule out lucky dog passes on competition cautions, and require EVERY ONE to service. I mean, "lucky dog" is inherent at getting a lucky caution that isn't enforced.

  • The Texas race was great until the big wreck. After that it got fucked up. I don't think there is any series that can't race on any tracks though. That is just some stupid "oh this is not proper racing" bullshit that elitist F1 fans like to say.

    What WAS done wrong was they didn't reduce downforce enough for the race combined with questionable officiating.

  • I blame the sharp quad-oval cuts more than the grass for Sato's incident.

  • It reminds me of the Indy race NASCAR had. Competition caution every 20 laps.

  • I agree with you on the competition yellows and the inconsistent decisionmaking by the officials, but other than that..Texas was a great show. I remember disagreeing with you after Fontana 2015 as well, but I just think having a pack race once in a while is not such a bad thing. It's very exciting to watch ( i was on the edge of my seat for most of it) and I'm sure it takes a different kind of skill to be good at. Maybe it's just an ignorant European talking here, but they might fill up all those empty seats with races like these.

  • IndyCar at Bristol, who wouldn't love that? (well, other than the guys having to duct-tape all the bodywork back on lol)

  • It's quite interesting to see a race car driver being fucked that severely in the ass by Honda.

  • About the debris caution… TV actually did show it, but the booth never noticed it was on camera. That shot where the safety truck was midway up the banking looking for the debris, they actually drove past the debris. It was up against the outside wall, maybe 10-20ft away from the robo TV camera. The TV audience could only see it for a couple of seconds because the camera was still panning to follow the safety truck. I have no idea whether the safety truck actually found the debris or not.

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  • What about that avoidable contact penalty against Hinch? Was it really avoidable, and therefore, the penalty warranted? I don't quite think so. I mean, he had to take split-second action to avoid hitting Castroneves, and looped it. I don't see anything being avoidable on his part, yet they give him an avoidable contact penalty? From that moment on, I knew it would be a bad officiating night.