iRacing : Another Day in Fixed (Trucks @ Eldora!)

iRacing : Another Day in Fixed (Trucks @ Eldora!)

It’s like racing with monkeys.

Open series was no better either – this thing isn’t even particularly difficult to keep pointed in the correct direction…

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  • That was awesome 😀 .

  • Did I just watch iRacing or a FlatOut game? Laughed most of the way through that!

  • Man I love these dirt videos Box! Keep em up!

  • RIP Safety Rating.

  • race minus cautions: 7 mins. Carnage report: 3+mins. rofl!! It looks like a lot of fun, though!! Keep 'em comin', EB!

  • Dirt + Trux'n = Full Merle

  • That was a hilarious carnage report. Also made me realize how terrible the crashing sound effects are in iracing.

  • Ain't you getting an Oculus Rift?

  • wow dumba**s noone lifts noone gives room for anyone just shows why dirt is tanking everyones SR

  • #7 just couldn't get the hang of it.

  • Not giving the bumper in the last corner?

    Psshhhhhh amateurs

  • sideways in Iracing? huh? what happened? 😛

  • UPS trucks only make right turns

  • I think this week in C fixed has shown a need for a dirt oval license. Some races I'll get in have 25 guys that are competent and can go with 0-2 yellows and just have tons of respect between drivers. Then the next hour we'll get a split of 25 guys who can't do a lap. Literally had one yesterday that running around 10th to 20th I never completed a full green flag lap until the white flag lap, and even then they still crashed just the leader had taken the white flag already so no yellow. We need a separate dirt license.

  • I wish you can race Cup or IndyCar on Dirt in iracing

  • Oh, I've got the prefect metafor! Blind puppies! When you look at the cars from above, they move around like newborn puppies.

  • i wonder if that's matt martin, son of mark martin?

  • Can't believe I go screwed at the end. I was orange 5 truck… I was salty

  • Nice one going from last row to 2nd.
    And that #12car seemed to have a bit of a problem with his brain.

  • 2:44 wait a minute… this is just drift train practice!

  • Glad the 17 manually disconnected, that was some atrocious driving. And looked like he tried to take you out when the first caution came out

  • All the slide jobs

  • Looks like great fun and a good workout!

  • Iracing dirt:
    If you finish with no incident points you're doing it wrong !


  • When you don't even have to be good to get a top 5, you just have to not wreck.

  • This video had my anxiety turned up to 11. 😂

  • Has there ever been a more even race/carnage ratio? Also, true TRUXXIN' from the 12…

  • Fucking Subway dude was a mess

  • Lol the 12 was so mad at the 8 but it was the 12's fault cuz he came up on him