iRacing : Lotsa Cars, Little Track (488 GTE @ Lime Rock)

iRacing : Lotsa Cars, Little Track (488 GTE @ Lime Rock)

Baseline setup ftw, guyz! Second race after this one with a few setup adjustments (less understeer) and running .7 a lap faster with ease. lol

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  • What a crazy race! Btw. thoughts on Porsche leaving the WEC?

  • So Cedric Gibrat and Abram Fawzy just got added to the list

  • Is Bristol Motor Speedway in this game? If it is, have you ever thought about racing there?

  • so the very last clip is empty box diving and hitting a guy on the outside when he blamed him in game 🙂

  • good race! enjoyed watching as could hear you be a little nervous 🙂 crazy combo

  • Its a stupid track for anything other than a MX5 or Skippy.

  • Played the drinking game. You know what I really hate about the tire model?

    It really makes everyone sounds like my parents before they did sd divorced

  • The Uphill and West Bend chicanes were actually added in 2008. That's NINE years ago.

    For a company based in New England you'd think they'd have been able to find time since then to get out to a track that's also in New England…

  • Don't tell me that so many ppl actually can not perform a simple car wheelspin turn. It's important safety maneuver even in RL racing.

  • Gotta love the Uphill. So massively steep and loose if you're not careful. A beast. As is the whole track tbh.

  • Nascar should race there.

  • This race was action-packed.

  • Surely 22 is actually Verstappen.

  • @Empty Box just for completions sake: that ferrari scheme is not force india but a (rather good) replica of the DTM Mercedes of Lucas Auer and Robert Wickens, BWT team. i know, i know, i see myself out

  • you know what this race needed? more Ferraris lol

  • Good. Now i'm drunk.

  • it's amazing that iracing is about to

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  • Matt i took a shot evry time…. of water im a good child

  • how many car types are there?

  • Your own carnage, looks like your understeer bit you hard. You had the space to the right, and couldn't get there.

  • I was actually surprised that iRacing version of LimeRock was so dated, think the changes were made in 2008, so 9 years ago. RF2 has the new version, pretty well made, of this great little classic track. A quick thought for Paul Newman while I am passing here.

  • That was almost a sick tandem drift at 49:43

  • Lime rock is still the best with out the chicane, I've raced both forms of the circuit and the jump is much faster and way more fun. And the track is still pretty bumpy with the new pavement.