iRacing : Space for a Skippy (Skips @ Oulton Park / VR)

iRacing : Space for a Skippy (Skips @ Oulton Park / VR)

First VR Skippy race I jumped the start (I was last to grid, so the lights came on like instantly and I brainfarted lol), second VR skip race was this. Didn’t disappoint, so friggin cool!

Follow me like a stalker! (please dont actually stalk me… duh)

  • There's nothing wrong with the VR in my eyes, the view is the same nearly anyhow.

  • you were talking about putting it in the lowest possible quality and I don't know how you can drive like that… I am sure it is not as pixelated but good god.

  • Alright Matt, let's go: we want a ping pong video! 🙂

  • Next upload: Racing or Ping Pong? (Ping Pong/VR)

  • Love the VR vids, Matt…Keep em coming!

  • Hey Matt, besides your Carnage Report should be nice to replay some great overtakes you did on the race, like the last corner one. Would love to see it in a different perspective.

  • Really make me smile watching Mr. Empty Box having times of his life. Watching VR full 42" screen makes me feel weird but from smaller window, it's fine.

  • 14:45 thumbs up if you turned Youtube down to 240p to check

  • Man, passing those stacks of tires just doesn't get old GR

  • I'm really digging the VR videos. It feels more visceral to me. The new black box position works great too, i felt it was crowding the screen in previous videos. i'm definitely gonna look into getting VR for sim racing

  • For those who say they can't watch b/c VR or other related reasons. Would you still find value in treating it like radio, or a podcast? Hit play and hide it behind another tab, minimize it, whatever, it's still amazing content.

    I'm a sucker for that relative timing display so the VR mode and shunning it from view makes me a lil' sad. Also, nil on the motion sickness issues, so it's great for me (sorry the rest of y'all D:;;.).

    OK, are those pink wheels from Trading Paints? or a are they a Missing Texture XD?

  • VR is great when you know how the camera will move, but to me it's kind of dizzying watching people race using VR. It's a damn shame, I don't want to stop watching Empty Box videos, I've been watching for several years now, but at this rate I'll have to stop watching.

    Don't take away from this comment that I'm one of those saying "change so I'll like it or I'll leave, I'm a youtube commentor with no self-awareness who thinks the channel should do my bidding and I'm, the center of the universe", one of the best things about Matt is that he'll do what he wants to do, not what someone else wants him to do. I'm just a bit bummed out because I want to stay, but basically can't (at least the race videos, I'll keep watching the opinion videos 🙂 )

  • So… Ping Pong video when? 😛

  • At first I got more seasick watching this than actually playing myself with a Rift (I tried it a few times and won't do it again). But it got better towards the end when you weren't doing quick glances to the mirror and the pitboard.

  • Loving these VR videos. Still sitting on the fence about VR. I get the immersion factor but the Screen Door Effect concerns me. Hurry up and get those lenses before the Rift sale ends Matt! 😉 Want to hear your impressions once you are at full vision.

  • The more time you spend in vr the less effect the motion will have on you and it will get to a stage where you will feel no motion at all which does dull down the experience quite abit.

  • I prefer the VR vids

  • This is one of the best videos I ever watched of you. THIS IS WHY IM SUBSRIBED <3 😀 just awesome

  • If you recorded your commentary to a separate track could you record the replay for non-VR and put the 'live' commentary over the top? That way you could have both VR and non-VR versions of the same race.

  • I said nothing it means I enjoy the VR thing.. seems more lively. And besides.. I can see for the things you watch out for and how you aim.

  • i like the vr vids

  • Skippies at Monaco would be a hoot.

  • omg that finish and the speed you take and how close you get to them tire barriers going throuhg the chicane. amazing drive and love that battle at the end

  • how have your lap times been affected by racing in VR are they slightly slower as you get used to it or has it not changed?

  • Good video. Don't listen anyone. If you like VR, keep driving and have fun.

  • How long did it take you to get to grips with the skippy? I was v good in the rookie series and got up to D class in 3 races. Been hotlapping in the Skippy for about a week and am really struggling with it. My best around Oulton is only a 1:48:5

  • this is awesome

  • What head movement settings are you using for DriverHeadHorizon, DriverHeadNoPitch and DriverHeadWobble? I'm in the teaching my body not to feel nauseous stage after getting a Rift 2 days ago.

  • It just feels like you have so much more speed now that you're using the Rift 😀

    Great race Matt

  • Awesome finish!!

    VR ftw! 😉

  • Damn Matt your making VR cool,,,,,,,,,,

  • if I may suggest something is upscale video to 1440p so YT will use better bitrate because limitations of 1080p are really visible. It doesn't mean you need to make vid native in 1440p just upscale it, it won't change quality for most people who watch it on 1080p screen but bitrate quality will improve.

  • I like the VR! For watching I do prefer the regular videos a little bit, but knowing that you're so into ir makes it up.

  • skips and vr 😀

  • Matt, you really should start wearing a HANS-device from now on, because, 'muh realism'!

  • Guys – Matt doesn't want to do a do a joint VR Q&A with me. Convince him otherwise! /s

    I tried a couple of openwheelers in VR, such an awesome experience. Glad that you've (seemingly) found a way around the glasses problem. Ditto with the g force thing. I find that negative G effects me the most, my body/brain has no idea what to do with the info it's getting haha

  • I thought you were cVrying out there. Get those glasses!

  • My oculus is coming today between 1pm and 2pm

  • Have you considered using contact lenses? I dunno but a set of glasses inside that thing does not seem like fun. Also, after you're able to see clearly, would you mind giving us your thoughts on what VR brings to the table and what it still lacks?

  • Nice Cananada paint job

  • Why is the view kinda offset to the left?