RaceTrackBuilder released and available on Steam

RaceTrackBuilder released and available on Steam

RaceTrackBuilder has been released via Steam by Brendon Pywell earlier than expected, as the author wanted to congratulate everyone that had been doing amazing race tracks with his previous software Bob’s Track Builder.

The trackmaking tool is still in its early days and a lot of features will be added in the near future. A small patch has be released today, upgrading it to v1.0.0.1.

For now Brendon is releasing a series of tutorials covering some basics, hopefully in the coming weeks more updates and tutorials will be made available.

Race Track Builder is a software design tool that has a simple, easy to use interface that allows you to build fantasy race tracks or use Google Maps data to create real-life terrain and roads.



– Updated Help file (yes there was already a minimal help file – press F1 from main window).
– Change to AC material properties no longer trigger unnecessary recalculation.
– FIX: Reloading of updated texture was not always firing after editing in external software.