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AOWR History : 1996. (Pt. 4)

Without the 500 to lean on, CART needed to learn to spread it’s wings. It’s first flaps… well, that bird fell out of the nest. Gameplay : IndyCar Racing 2.


AOWR History : The Formation of CART

IMS and USAC didn’t listen to the team owners. The team owners – united by a few good men who knew what they were doing – took their ball and


Monaco 1990 – Historic Track Virtual Lap – Digiprost

Tercer capitulo de la serie “Histroric Track” donde enseño unas vueltas virtuales en el circuito historico de Monaco de 1990. Game Stock Monaco 1990 80.4 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!Ag0WzaTa!xIznGJEh-vkjFrl031j2nDutj_Oy-JjCRK2AJE2NhLI Third episode of


Imola 1988 – Historic Track Virtual Lap – Digiprost

Leer Descipcion / Read Desciption Nueva Serie del canal “Historic Track” donde se muestran unas vueltas a circuitos historicos , tambien se pondra un enlace para poder descargar el circuito,