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Automobilista receives a copyright claim on Steam

Reiza Studios’ latest title Automobilista has been temporarily removed from from Steam in Tuesday night, following a copyright infrigement claim. Read Reiza Studios’ statement: The Steam store page for Automobilista


Automobilista Beta – Lance X Rally Cross

http://www.instant-gaming.com/igr/igame/ Cockpit Zalem: http://goo.gl/vyf81z Video de la Beta de Automobilista un juego impresionante el cual saldra dentro de muy poco, espero que os guste 😉 Video Beta Automobilista an awesome


Stock Car Extreme : Crowdfunding the Next Update (’86 Opala @ Historic Jacarepagua)

Crowdfunding link – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reiza-simracing-bonanza#/story Something I overlooked : Stock Car Extreme + Formula Truck (racing semis, big rigs, lorries, 1300 hp awesomeness) is on Steam in a $50 bundle. Through


Stock Car Extreme – CART EXTREME!!! (CART @ Bologna Historic)

Copa Petrobras de Marcas video – The updated version of the cars in GSCE are a bit better. If you watch the video you will hear me talk about that


Copa Petrobras de Marcas : Fairly Good. It’s Also Free.

I’d probably suggest a 440 or 500 degree steering rotation with the same 22 degree lock, but 540 still got it done. Anyways – info below. Get the game here


Game StockCar 2013 Review by Inside Sim Racing

http://www.ISRTV.com presents our review of GSC 2013 . Game Stock Car by Reiza Studios came on to the scene in 2011 and is based on the Image Space Incorporated Physics


Formula Truck : Quick Look + 15 Minute Race

Please note FTruck isn’t available persay yet. Preorders now have access to the game as Reiza felt it was right given the two month delay. This is a final beta