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iRacing : Lotsa Cars, Little Track (488 GTE @ Lime Rock)

Baseline setup ftw, guyz! Second race after this one with a few setup adjustments (less understeer) and running .7 a lap faster with ease. lol Follow me like a stalker!


iRacing : Fixed to Open in 15 Minutes or Less! (Part 1)

READ!!! Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZE6cXClaD8&feature=youtu.be A couple of videos ago, I had someone ask about the open series, more or less boiling it down to “I don’t have a setup,


Tech Tips: Shocks by Inside Sim Racing

http://www.insidesimracing.tv presents Tech Tips. Shaun Cole defines and explains the way the shocks function on a race car. This includes compression and rebound and the differences between them and when