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iRacing : Another Day in Fixed (Trucks @ Eldora!)

It’s like racing with monkeys. Open series was no better either – this thing isn’t even particularly difficult to keep pointed in the correct direction… Follow me like a stalker!


iRacing : (Lack of) Truxxin’ (Trucks @ Homestead)

Despite seemingly putting forth their best effort to do some high quality Truxxin’, it seemed this group actually had a clue. I’m impressed! Follow me like a stalker! (please dont


iRacing : High Speed Truxxin’ (Trucks @ Michigan)

Trucks never cease to amaze, ever. Follow me like a stalker! (please dont actually stalk me… duh) https://twitter.com/EmptyBox_007


iRacing : Truxxin’ (Trucks @ Charlotte)

Truxxin’ : 1) The act of driving trucks in iRacing, where people can’t help but wreck one another on a hourly basis. 2) The act of driving a truck like


Formula Truck : Quick Look + 15 Minute Race

Please note FTruck isn’t available persay yet. Preorders now have access to the game as Reiza felt it was right given the two month delay. This is a final beta