This Week Inside Sim Racing Live! – July 19, 2017

This Week Inside Sim Racing Live! – July 19, 2017 presents This Week Inside Sim Racing Live! – July 19th, 2017. Sim racing news has been hot and heavy this past week, so we’ll be covering all if it, plus talking about what we’ve been up to, poll question and popular Q&A.

04:43 WRC 7 – Especially Long “Epic Stages” to Be Included
07:16 iRacing – First Rallycross Footage Surfaces
10:47 iRacing – Season 3 Patch 3 Now Available
14:48 Gran Turismo Sport Has Received a Release Date
17:54 Kart Racing Pro – Version 1 Now Available on Steam
21:46 Gravel – First Dev Diary Announces New Early 2018 Release
25:01 NASCAR Heat 2 Trucks at Eldora Trailer
28:10 Ross Brawn’s Ideas of Integrating Sim Racing into Formula 1

37:06 How Should F1 Utilize Sim Racing?

37:32 YouTube Super Chat is Now Enabled
37:45 John’s New PC Gets Built Tomorrow
39:09 SimXperience Accuforce V2 Testing Underway

Q&A 41:31

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  • Hi Jon. little off topic but i got a question about the logitech g920/g29 and the driving force shifter. there's a website that makes mods for both. found at this page:
    these mods really change the handling of how the shifter works. i know you did a lot of mod news in the early days of insidesimracing. i hope you guys can do a review on these mods (other wheels are also available).
    hope you will. greetz from the netherlands!

  • Billy always looks like he is being held against his will. I half expect and ISIS guy to walk behind him in an orange jumpsuit wielding a knife.

  • Regarding TV's vs monitors. Try the Vizio P65-C1. 9ms. No lag. Sure, monitors with gsync are better, but bang for buck it's hard to beat a true native 120hz panel. But with VR, multiples are just bleh. Sure, eye candy is better. But immersion on a high end PC with 1.6-1.7 super sampling. My triples are collecting dust, and that won't change.
    Of course just my opinion. We are all entitled to those 😋

  • Too bad you guys have not been able to set up an affiliate link yet. Just placed another order for around 2000 Euros in Computer parts for my company. That's two systems and many smaller parts you have missed out. Probably around 6-7K Euros since John mentioned setting up an link a while back. Ohh well.

  • I have a single 27 inch 60Hz monitor atm and Im looking into getting a triple screen setup. I could get two more 60Hz monitors or get 3 27 inch 75 inch monitors. Also will a 1060 6GB be enough or should I get a 1070 instead.

  • Jeeeese… do people really make such a fuss about how loud Billy's mic is?? – Little loud sometimes maybe, no problem….. Whats annoying is constantly talking about it and adjusting it. Not a knock on ISR but its viewers…. Just watch the show!!!!

  • A time lapse PC build video would be interesting.

  • Tried Kart Racing Pro and definitely not worth the $40. I know it's one dev and he's probably trying to get as much cash as possible, but without AI it's more like a $20 title, if even that.

  • I still get 2x for even the slightest taps on dirt. Nothing has changed at all from what I can tell.

  • Sell those gtx 1070 and get a gtx 1080ti. 😀