• Plans to get some Dirt 4 coverage? Interested in your opinion on it, loved DiRT Rally but some footage I've seen looks a bit concerning, like they dumbed down the so-called "sim mode" as well

  • there is also an 81 Pontiac firebird

  • try buying the lotus espit v8

  • "Except for the pink guy."

    Ey b0ss

  • Actually beat the game in the time between this and the last video, still wanna watch you go through it tho!

  • thx fr listening to my plea

  • does anyone have a glitch for max money using the gamshark broadband enabled

    yes they do exist, I wrote it down and lost it..

    anyone, please?

  • Its back!

  • Do you think the difficult steering on PS2 racing games is attributed to the undersensitivity of the Dualshock 2's analog sticks?

  • Is 'man eating shark' supposed to mean a shark that east people or a man who eats sharks?

  • Glad this is back

  • Don't hit the bus!

  • My Ears, they bleed. Kah, zeh, "Kayse" dammit Empty. … May it be read! Yes, Carry on. I'll just be here festering with cotton in my ears trying to stop the bleeding (back in the dust, er rain spray, where you left that balmy breeze.) … x_x. X3. >P.

  • are you going to do any video's on the new Dirt game hope so looks good

  • Yesssss! Finally some more Tokyo Extreme!

  • Whoop! New vid!

  • Unexpected wind is a beautiful hokku name for farting

  • id love to see you get a rotary swapped europa. or just anything with a goofy swap honestly. use the free run glitch if you have to lol


  • Do you play Midnight wangan?

  • The guy with the blue Supra is indeed Orimabu. A.k.a Manabu Orido, ex-D1GP competitor and a racer 😀

  • Change wheel please. TIP: Make rear wheel bigger than front to help over steering problem

  • You should make a cutout of a dashboard and put it over your screen since this piece didn't have one.

  • Do some iRacing Road next season plz